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Safe Drinking Water

 Generally in India, 70% of sicknesses are from water-borne diseases.  Safe drinking water is a right of every person.  We aim to provide subsidized bio-sand water filters with zero maintenance for years of safe drinking water. For a healthy Nation, need a healthy community, and Konnect foundation is committed to " Building our Nation through building communities". 

Health and Hygiene 

In some regions of India, Health is still a serious challenge.  In the Northern States, people die in all three seasons due to extreme heat, extreme cold, or extreme monsoon (floods/famine).  Many people die due to ignorance of how diseases spread.  Many in rural areas do not allow vaccines for their children even though the government makes them freely available.  We aim to organize health awareness programs and primary medical camps to help, especially mothers, to look after their families. 

“Konnect Foundation strives to build our nation through building the communities.”

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