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The concerning spread of deadly COVID-19 has shaken the operations and economy of our Nation. The necessary lockdown has put millions of migrant workers in megacities in a severe crisis. Though the Government with all the good intentions wanted them to stay home, many ended up with no place to live. Therefore, millions of them made a bad decision of walking hundreds of kilometers on highways to reach their home states. The fear of COVID-19 was so severe that people rarely offered them food or water. 

Konnect Foundation immediately noticed the urgency and came forward to help the families and individuals. We helped them with two weeks of dry grocery kits. Each family was given Grocery Coupons – Rupees 500/- each that they could redeem from Daily Bazar and Shiv Baba Traders against dry grocery in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In other places like Ara & Gaya in Bihar, Amarpatan in Madhya Pradesh, Khammam & Medchal in Telangana, through our volunteers, we distributed (5 kg Rice, 5 kg wheat flour, 1 kg Sugar, 1 Lit. cooking oil, 1 each Bathing & Washing soap, Masalas, and tea powder) to the families. We directly helped 77 families with dry ration kits. In partnership with EFI, we helped 891 families, 3564 individuals in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and in Telangana.

“Konnect Foundation strives to build our nation through building the communities.”

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