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The concept “Young India Camp” was conceived in 2018 after reflecting on various research done about Indian Youth. Most of India’s population is young and has much potential, and they are talented, educated, and willing and available to do something significant for our Nation. They just need the right direction, motivation, and monitoring to be safe and stay away from evil in society. We conducted three days of camp, based on social, technical, economic, and educational issues. Our workshops with active participation and learning attracted them to focus on learning and living with purpose.

Meditation sessions no caring for their mind & body and, maintaining health and hygiene becomes very interesting as they find many living in the bondage of pornography, sexual problems, etc. They realize their struggle and seek ways to come out of shame. In the process, we see massive changes in behaviors as they start their day with happiness and hope, leaving behind their bad habits, and reflect noticeable godly attitude. We trained 108 youth in the year 2019-2020.

“Konnect Foundation strives to build our nation through building the communities.”

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