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Our History

Konnect Foundation is an Indian Charity registered on 18th January 2017. Its registration number is 03/BK IV/2017. The head office is located at H. No. 2-2- 124/66/1, Sai Reddy Nagar, Macha Bolarum, Hyderabad – 500010 Telangana.


Konnect Foundation is committed to helping People, Families, communities, and our Nation through holistic services and training programs. People need a healthy mind, body, and heart to live a fulfilling life.


Everyone needs a family to enjoy life and receive love, care, protection, and provision. Communities are necessary to practice and protect our rich culture and to enjoy our identity. Our Nation needs honest, loyal, and just people that care for our nation with the best life values, to be strong and competitive in this world.


Konnect Foundation attempts to do all these to build a Strong Nation of India for the 21st Century. In three years, our move to bring change from within by training communities, educating children, imparting skills to young people of our nation, creating awareness, and Empowering women, influencing communities with exposure and resources has uplifted and brought new hope and purpose to many lives.


We are proud to celebrate the success and recommit to do more of it in the year to come. We love to have you come together, join with us in making our Nation more beautiful and productive.

Skills Training

“Striving to build our Nation through building Communities"

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